How to make a best-in-class product?

Why Optimum Software Solutions?
At Optimum Software Solutions, we specialize in software services for product development and service deployment.

Optimum is a software engineering company that is focused specifically on helping our clients develop products & deploy services. Some may need help with a particular piece of product development like a feasibility study, design specification, custom programming or software testing. Others come to us for end to end software life cycle support to deploy their customized services.

From software design to development, integration, prototyping, pilot deployment, certification, all the way through support for full production & deployment, Optimum can help.

The advantages of working with us include:
  • End-to-End software development - Optimum Software Solutions can be your single source for software design and development including requirements specs, design, prototyping, implementation, testing, pilot deployment and help with certification.
  • Rapid response times - In much less time than it would take to recruit, hire and train a staff of specialized software engineers, you’ll have your project already moving towards completion.
  • Lower capital expense – You may not need to add physical resources to support your development projects. Use your capital on other important causes.
  • Lower overhead costs - You’ll save the costs associated with hiring staff, retaining a pool of skilled engineers and the overhead costs associated with hiring permanent employees. Also, don’t worry about keeping specialized and skilled staff busy when your project ends.
  • Flexibility - With Optimum, you can scale projects up and down as your needs dictate, with a flexibility much greater than that possible with an in-house development staff. As the demands of your market grow, you can adjust the amount of development resources at your disposal. This gives you the flexibility to both respond to rapidly changing conditions as well as maintain fiscal control.
  • Focus - Let us worry about complicated software services required for rapid product development or service deployment. You focus on the things only you know how to do best. Maximize your efforts on your core competencies and reach your goals sooner.
Proven Methodology

Our methodology is based on sound project management and product development principles. It helps ensure our customers get reliable, cost effective services. We have proven experience in completing successful projects over the years. We use that experience to help you reach your goals.

We’ve found that the following recipe helps ensure a successful project:

  • Software Functional and Design Specifications & signoffs to make sure functional and design issues are understood before project implementation starts.
  • Prototyping to get early customer feedback and demonstrate important project features
  • Regular status reports and meetings so you always have up-to-date information on project status
  • Project change control mechanisms that allow the project to respond to the real world without getting out of control
  • Source code and design change control systems to ensure that project modifications, revisions and enhancements are tracked
  • Test plans and automated test suites where applicable to prove the final product deliverable does what it was intended to do
  • Definitive acceptance criteria to let everyone measure the quality of all deliverables against specific and objective criteria
We want you to feel confident in putting your name on our work. Here is how.

  1. We can help you get up to speed on what we’ve done at whatever level is necessary. Your staff can get the design walkthroughs and the training needed to make sure that they are familiar with the delivered project. We can also provide on-site integration to ensure that there is a clean transfer of knowledge from our team to yours.

  2. We can train your support staff to make sure they are familiar with any new products or services, so they can answer questions and resolve problems quickly and help to get your customers back on track so you can keep looking good.

  3. To help keep things running smoothly, we can provide quotes for long term support under a variety of contractual terms. Additionally, we can provide backend support to your technical support staff to resolve problems, answer questions, and respond to your customers, post deployment.

From Day 1, you will find us standing right behind you so that you always look good. With Optimum, you are never alone!

Can we solve a problem for you?

Our customers use our variety of system and application software engineering services to deploy their product, resolve complex software issues and complete their software development projects on time.

Contact us at 630-247-5480 or at to see how we can help today.

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